What We Do


Take a look and see what program fits your investment needs. Or, we can help you determine which program best suits your investment objectives, and lifestyle. You may find that a combination of our programs may work best for you.


Full Service Wealth Management

This program includes customized financial planning emphasizing tax efficiency.

Managed Assets: First $1,000,000
Annual Fee: 1.0%
Minimum Annual Fee: $1,000

Fund Only Investment Management

This program eliminates all the extras, utilizing funds to implement your strategy.

Managed Assets: Total balance
Annual Fee: 0.70%
Minimum Annual Fee: $1,000

Support and Financial Planning

Hourly or fixed fee engagements for Financial Planning of Investment Services.

As a fixed fee, typically ranging from $1,000 to $25,000, depending on the nature and complexity of each client’s circumstances.
On an hourly basis of $200 per hour.

What does an engagement look like?

We develop a personalized glidepath – a “roadmap” – for you based on your financial goals, current wealth, anticipated savings, spending, and taxes. This personalized glidepath helps us navigate through your financial goals and will change as your needs and circumstances change.


Most glidepaths are built for the “average person” and assume the world is completely “normal.” We create custom glidepaths because we know that you are unique, and that the world today is far from normal.

We actively adjust your portfolio to account for changing market conditions. As certain market segments become more attractive, we shift your portfolio to own more of those areas and less of the unattractively valued areas. Our goal is to increase your return over time using a tried-and-true investment approach – all in the context of your specific circumstances and your plan.