Take a look and see what program fits your investment needs. Or, we can help you determine which program best suits your investment objectives, and lifestyle. You may find that a combination of our programs may work best for you.

Full Service Program

Designed with the seasoned investor in mind, this program includes customized financial planning and strategic asset allocation in funds and/or individual securities, all while keeping tax efficiency in mind.

Managed Assets: First $1,000,000

Annual Fee: 1.0%

Minimum Annual Fee: $1,000

Planning: Included

Fund Only

This program eliminates all the extras, utilizing mutual funds to keep your nest egg or 401K protected and working for you.

Managed Assets: Total balance

Annual Fee: 0.5%

Minimum Annual Fee: $1,000

Planning: Starting at $250


Designed with the young professional in mind, this program will help get you started on your journey. It includes an annual review of your 401K and occasional check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track. Hourly or fixed fee engagements for Financial Planning or Investment Services.

Fees are Paid Quarterly in Advance/ Example: $100,000 x 1.0% = $1,000 / 4 = $250